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Basic and Mainstream Lists
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C1 List
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C3B List

These calls and concepts were selected by a vote of C3B callers in 2014. The list has been updated to remove a few calls and concepts that were moved to lower programs in 2016, 2018, or 2021.

C3B List

C4 Lists

These lists were created by surveying multiple callers' lists and through conversation with key members of the community (thanks Sue, Rob, Kurasawa and Noriko). If you notice that something is missing please let me know.

C4 Concepts List
C4 Calls List, June 2023

Coop (Lynette) Bellini's Lists

Coop's C4 Calls List (May 2023)
Coop's C4 Concepts List (February 2023)

Limited C4 Lists

These lists are an informal "teaching order" for C4, designed to help callers and dancers organize dances suitable for dancers in the process of learning C4.

Most past dances in this category were called using the lists originally developed by Coop (Lynette) Bellini, circa 2000. These are named by "weeks", such as "C4 week 1" to "C4 week 5", although it typically takes a lot longer than one week to learn each one. There are separate lists for calls and concepts.

C4 Weeks Lists

More recently (2022-2023), Coop (Lynette) Bellini and Ben Rubright have been teaching a C4 class with a newly designed set of modules. Each module contains some calls and some concepts. The link below contains Modules 1-7. Module 7 is tentative at this point. Additional modules will be added over time.

C4 Class Modules (pdf)